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Repairing Relationships During Recovery

Why Focusing on Interactions with Loved Ones is Crucial

One of the most critical aspects of the recovery process is thinking ahead to what happens after you leave treatment.

Having a solid support system of friends and family members there to help you transition to a healthier normal can often mean the difference between success and failure in reaching your goals.

Here are a few tips to consider when repairing relationships during recovery.

Take Stock of Where You Currently Are (and Where You Want to Be)

During recovery, it is tempting to start acting as though your life has changed dramatically and you’re a completely different person. The truth? Those you love might not be as forgiving or willing to make that leap just yet.

Instead, take some time to fully consider those key relationships. Acknowledge your part in how you’ve gotten to this place and decide where you would like things to ultimately be. Then talk it through together. Open communication is crucial to moving forward for both of you to find peace.

Set Boundaries to Limit Toxic Relationships or Cement Positive Bonds

One common denominator in repairing relationships during recovery is that there is usually some toxic trait that needs acknowledgment. When you clearly understand certain people's roles in your life, it is time to make big decisions and set clear boundaries to keep those interactions from derailing your new path.

For some, this means completely eliminating those from your life that continue to use drugs or alcohol. Others might have to recognize that a specific relationship is either codependent or exhibits enabling behavior.

But there’s the flip side, too. It is equally important to identify those who are supportive and bring positivity to your personal recovery process. Recognize those individuals and work to strengthen your bond. After all, they can be a major part of your support system during this transition period.


Create New Relationships for Better Support

Sometimes, repairing relationships is either too difficult or not an option. It is especially true if you need to eliminate certain people from your life altogether.

That’s when starting a new hobby, joining a support group, or making new friends becomes just as vital as fixing those other relationships in your past.

A few other ideas of how to meet people to build new relationships include:

  • Joining support groups for those who have overcome substance use.

  • Finding religious groups or social organizations that offer a positive sense of community.

  • Volunteering for charitable causes that mean a lot to you personally.

However, we caution that now is not an ideal time to start a romantic relationship. Instead, focus on building up your support network first.

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