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Intensive Outpatient Rehab in Asheville

Non-Residential Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment

Intensive outpatient rehab is a form of alcohol and drug treatment in which individuals with substance use disorders undergo various intensive treatments but still live and sleep at home. This type of program offers somewhat more flexibility than residential rehab, in that patients are able to keep up with outside obligations, such as working or caring for a child, while continuing in their recovery.

At Carolina Recovery Solutions, we offer a fully customizable intensive outpatient rehab in Asheville and the surrounding areas. Patients have access to a team of licensed therapists, registered nurses, addiction specialists, acupuncturists, yoga instructors, and other wellness professionals, all of whom work together to deliver a unique and effective recovery experience. We utilize a variety of medically supported techniques and proven methods to provide our patients with the tools, resources, and skills they need to maintain long-term sobriety.

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What Is Intensive Outpatient Rehab?

Intensive outpatient rehab is a type of treatment program used to help those struggling with substance use disorders, addictions, and mental and behavioral health disorders. Unlike residential programs, in which patients live fulltime at the facility, intensive outpatient programs allow individuals to continue living at home while attending the center several times a week for treatment.

The goal of intensive outpatient rehab is to empower individuals to proceed with their everyday lives while also providing the intensive, integrated treatment they need to manage various challenges. These programs typically focus on treating primary substance use and mental/behavioral health disorders while also addressing underlying trauma, triggers, cravings, cooccurring disorders, and other concerns that can make recovery challenging. With intensive outpatient rehab, the transition from treatment to everyday life is easier and more seamless, improving the chances of success.

When Is Intensive Outpatient Treatment Appropriate?

Intensive outpatient treatment is appropriate in many situations, but it is not for everyone. Some people who are struggling with severe addictions and/or debilitating mental or behavioral health conditions may benefit more from a residential rehab program, either with or without medical detox. Others who lack a sufficient outside support system may also struggle to succeed in an intensive outpatient program.

However, many people benefit from intensive outpatient treatment, as it allows them to receive the care and support they need while still maintaining everyday obligations. Intensive outpatient treatment can also make the process of transitioning into ordinary life after treatment easier. Because of this, intensive outpatient treatment is often appropriate after an individual completes a residential rehab program.

Intensive outpatient treatment may be appropriate for patients who have:

  • Less-severe substance use disorders or mental/behavioral health disorders
  • Completed a medical detox and/or residential rehab program
  • Outside obligations, such as job or child/family member to care for
  • Sufficient outside support in the recovery process
  • A healthy and safe living environment
  • The ability to come into a facility multiple times a week for treatment

At Carolina Recovery Solutions, we conduct comprehensive client evaluations prior to recommending treatment. During the initial intake process, our team of professional addiction specialists assess each patient’s unique situation, history, and needs. This allows us to determine which type of treatment may be most effective in helping you achieve the goal of long-term sobriety.

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If you are struggling to control your alcohol or drug use, or if you are concerned that someone you love is heading down a bad path, we invite you to reach out to our team today to learn more about our alcohol and drug treatment programs. Our Asheville intensive outpatient program can help you or your loved one develop important life skills to manage addictions and cravings, address underlying and cooccurring mental and behavioral health disorders, prevent relapse, and go on to live a meaningful, healthy, and happy life.

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