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If you are seeking addiction treatment, either for yourself or a loved one, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the rehabilitation methods that are available. Every rehab center has a different approach to healing and offers different programs to patients.

At Carolina Recovery Solutions, we offer many different programs to ensure we have the right treatment for you. We are here to guide you toward the treatment programs that works best for you and provide answers to all your questions. We will adjust your treatment according to your unique needs and offer supportive insight at every stage of your recovery.

Choosing a treatment program should not be a worry when you are beginning your recovery — that’s why we are dedicated to being more than just a facility that provides treatment. We are a family, and we will assist you and educate you to make success possible.

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Comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

We treat multiple types of drug addictions, as well as alcohol addiction.

It is not uncommon for a person who struggles with addiction to one drug to also use alcohol or other drugs. We are committed to addressing all your struggles with addiction and helping you live in recovery as your best self.

Our addiction treatment programs can be effective in treating many different types of drug addictions, including struggles with:

Residential Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Rehab, & Medication Assisted Treatment

When we decide on which treatment program is right for you, we will consider which type of addiction you are struggling with, your current lifestyle, and other factors. We can adjust our available treatment methods to suit your needs, as we understand that your needs may change as you work through recovery.

You could benefit from one of our treatment programs:

  • Medication assisted treatment: A medical element may need to be incorporated into your addiction treatment program. With the assistance of medication, we can address the physical issues associated with addiction and help you ease into recovery more gently.
  • Residential treatment: Residential treatment is one of the most in-depth rehab methods available. Most of your days will be dedicated to treatment, and you will have around-the-clock access to our team and resources.
  • Intensive outpatient rehab: This type of treatment may be best for you if you do not require residential treatment or have responsibilities that do not allow you to participate in a residential treatment program. Patients who are enrolled in an intensive outpatient treatment program can continue to live in their home with their families, work, and meet any obligations they may have.

Medical Detox for Alcohol, Heroin, & Opioids

If you need more intensive addiction treatment or are struggling with addiction to a drug that could cause withdrawal symptoms, medical detox may be an essential part of your path to recovery.

Medical detox programs involve gradually weaning a patient off their addiction. Through this method, patients can minimize or completely avoid the severe side effects of withdrawal. It is essential to go through this process if necessary, as opting for other, more sudden ways of stopping drug use can make you very sick.

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Do you have questions about our treatment programs? Are you ready to start your recovery? Whether you are simply researching rehab options or want to become a Carolina Recovery Solutions patient, we can help. Recovery is possible, and you have already begun your journey toward the life you picture for yourself. Contact us today for assistance.

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