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Medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, involves the use of prescribed medications in conjunction with various forms of therapy to treat substance use disorders, mental and behavioral health disorders, and cooccurring conditions. The medications used in MAT are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have been proven effective in treating addictions in some people.

At Carolina Recovery Solutions, we offer entirely customizable medication-assisted treatment in Asheville and the surrounding areas as part of our whole-person approach to alcohol and drug addiction treatment. We develop personalized treatment programs to address the unique needs of each individual patient, all while providing the attentive care and support they need. At our comfortable, state-of-the-art facility located in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, you can disconnect from triggers that often lead to relapse and find the encouragement and community you need to navigate the recovery process.

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What Is MAT Used to Treat?

Medication-assisted treatment is most often used to treat substance use disorders involving narcotics, such as prescription opioids, synthetic opioids, and heroin. One common form of MAT is suboxone treatment, which helps some individuals struggling with opioid abuse and addiction manage cravings and prevent relapse.

MAT can also be used in medical detox. Also known as clinical detox, medical detox is the process of going through withdrawal and eliminating a substance from the body. Often, especially in cases involving opioids and other powerful substances, medication can be used to ease some of the symptoms of withdrawal and ensure a safer and more successful detoxification process.

Is Medication-Assisted Treatment Effective?

Clinical research has shown that medication-assisted treatment can be highly effective in helping people stop using a range of narcotics and other harmful substances. Often, MAT includes inpatient medical detox. It may also be appropriate during recovery, as it can help patients manage cravings, reduce substance effectiveness, and reduce the risk of relapse.

MAT has been shown to do the following:

  • Reduce the risk of dangerous and potentially life-threatening complications during detox
  • Ease withdrawal symptoms associated with the detoxification process
  • Improve rates of patient survival
  • Decrease illicit and prescription opioid use, as well as other criminal activity
  • Increase individual’s ability to successfully manage cravings
  • Reduce the effectiveness of certain substances, such as opioids
  • Lower the risk of an individual contracting an infectious disease, such as HIV or hepatitis
  • Improve birth outcomes among pregnant women with substance use disorders
  • Increase individual’s ability to obtain and maintain employment

Ultimately, the goal of medication-assisted treatment is to help patients achieve full recovery and long-term sobriety. An important element of MAT is the gradual reduction of medication, allowing individuals to taper their dosages and, eventually, live a substance-free life.

Medications Used in MAT

The FDA has approved certain medications to be used in the treatment of substance use disorders, including alcohol abuse and alcoholism, opioid abuse and addiction, and heroin addiction. Generally speaking, these medications have been shown to be less addictive than these and other substances. They have also been proven to help curb cravings and reduce the effectiveness of certain substances, including prescription opioids and illicit opiates.

Some of the most commonly used medications in MAT include:

  • Acamprosate
  • Disulfiram
  • Naltrexone
  • Buprenorphine
  • Methadone
  • Naltrexone

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At Carolina Recovery Solutions, our team can provide more information regarding which type of treatment program may be appropriate depending on your situation. We recognize that no two people are alike—everyone has a different story, and the path to recovery is never one-size-fits-all. Because of this, we personalize all of our addiction treatment services, carefully evaluating the individual needs and goals of each patient. Our whole-person approach integrates every aspect of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

MAT is one element of a successful recovery. When employed alongside various therapeutic treatments, MAT can provide individuals with substance use disorders the support they need to achieve lasting sobriety. Whether you are struggling with addiction or are concerned about a loved one, we encourage you to reach out to us today to learn more about our medication-assisted treatment in Asheville and the nearby areas. Our team is happy to answer your questions and provide the information you need to make empowered decisions about your recovery.

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